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Variable Augmented Reality is a Reality

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At TREKK, we’re longtime believers in augmented reality technologies and in taking a paper to pixels approach to print communications. What can augmented reality do for direct mail? Picture this: creating personalized augmented reality experiences for every single customer using variable AR.

Variable augmented reality can add millions of unique AR experiences to the direct mail and transactional documents that brands and service providers already use to communicate with their customers. A big part of the value is that the experience can continually change, keeping content and promotional offers evergreen and relevant to audiences even in archived statements and documents.

Fitting into the Print Stream
One of the challenges when we first began with variable AR was ensuring the concept would be extremely easy to deploy and could fit into existing workflows. We worked with Solimar Systems, a leading developer of customer communication management and delivery solutions, to ensure variable AR experience would easily integrate into existing pre- and post-composition, campaign management and reporting processes. By attaching metadata into printed markers, the platform then aligns with a traditional personalized communications print stream.

Here’s a run-down of the end-user experience:

  • Reveal. When your customers open their statement or other communication, a whole new world of information is revealed. The platform combines with an AR app branded to your business to deliver AR experiences on the mobile devices they use every day.
  • Engage. Customers have the power to engage with mobile friendly, interactive content that adds value to statements and improves their use of your services. Whether it’s understanding their energy usage, spending habits or investment growth, the experience is unique for every customer.
  • Connect. The platform also makes it easy for customers to connect with you. Paying a bill, talking with a representative or responding to an offer is just a click away.
If you’d like to learn more about variable augmented reality and our paper to pixels approach, contact us for a demo. We'll show you how you can deliver personalized augmented reality experiences in every customer communication.